Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My foodie month, so far!

This month is Mr. F's and my birthday month so we've been indulging our inner foodies. (Coincidentally Chicago's restaurant week is between my birthday and Mr. F's!) 

 Last Thursday, we went to Union Sushi near us in River Northand had happy hour oysters! They had red tobiko, green onion, crispy shallots and jalpeno-ciltrano ponzu on top! I had to get the skinny Geisha drink again too. I love the Hum in it!We also had several amazing sushi rolls, from the right, there's a Old City Market (with spicy tuna, salmon, wrapped in a collard green), a Spicy Tuna and a Dragon roll (with spicy shrimp and eel).

On Friday night, traffic was horrid, but Mr. F had skirt steak fajita salads waiting for me after a two hour commute. There was also awesome cheese and jalapenos to top it off with a homemade cilantro sauce!

On Saturday, Mr. F made BATs (bacon, avocado, tomato sandwich) with delectable pretzel buns for lunch! 
Saturday night, we went to Saigon Sisters in the West Loop, because we were interested in getting Vietnamese food! It was a blustery and chilly 15 minute walk from our house but totally worth it. I got the Cao Lau, which had egg noodles, braised pork cheeks, pork rinds, Chinese broccoli, sambal and kamaboko. Mr. F got the best dish, the Beef Short Rib with coconut cauliflower puree and pickled purple cauliflower.We were pretty full but couldn't help ourselves when we saw the dessert menu. "Such a fatty, save me from myself" (Ray from Archer quote)We got the ginger creme brulee and the chocolate ganache (black pepper funnel cake and flourless chocolate cake)!

(Disclaimer for my mother, who is probably worried at this point, we worked out every day this week with our 30 minute kettlebell routines. We do not think we're fat. It's just a quote from one of our favorite TV shows.)

On Super Bowl Sunday, we were trying to be good but after kettlebell swings, we were ravenous. Thus, burgers were in order. We went to one of our favorite burger places, the Burger Bar in Lincoln Park. Apparently it was National Nutella Day and I was so hungry that I got a banana nutella shake.It was AMAZING! I got truffle fries and a grass-fed cheese burger with kimchee and Mr. F designed his own grass-fed burger with crispy onions, avocado and jalapenos. 

This evening, we get the distinct pleasure of going to Alinea.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest
 I read Life, on the Line this spring and I've been very curious to go every since I started reading the book! The Wall Street Journal had a great article a few years ago about Alinea too.

Mr. F and I are sooooooo excited and really looking forward to dinner tonight. It's our birthday present to ourselves.

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