Tuesday, July 31, 2012

With a Little Help From My Facebook Friends (Suggestions for San Fran)

Food ideas:
Dottie's for breakfast
Source: dotties.biz via Helen on Pinterest


Old School SF institutional restaurants:
Tadich Grill (although there's a no reservation policy!)
Sam's Grill

Dim Sum ideas:
The Great Eastern Restaurant Source: 
yanksing.com via Emily on Pinterest

Yank Sing ranks a little higher on Trip Advisor and it won a James Beard Award in 2009!

To do:
the Ferry Building (with lunch at Barbacco)

Yerba Buena Gardens (with lunch at Samovar Tea Lounge)

Golden Gate Park
Source: bayimages.net via Rose on Pinterest
(particularly, the Japanese Tea House)Source: bing.com via K on Pinterest

I also just found out that there's a tasting room in our hotel!
The Chateau Montelena was actually the focus of the movie, Bottle Shock with Alan Rickman and Chris Pine! I love this movie! Source: rottentomatoes.com via Mary on Pinterest

Monday, July 30, 2012

What I want to do in San Francisco...

Mr. F and I leave for San Francisco on Thursday! I have a work conference on Friday and Saturday, but we'll have some free time on Thursday and in the evenings!

I am really looking forward to visiting the Fisherman's Wharf, particularly to see sea lions!
Source: google.com via Bea on Pinterest
I'm also psyched to get pictures near the Golden Gate Bridge and getting dim sum in Chinatown!
Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

If we have time, I'd love to go for a hike in the Marin HeadlandsSource: Uploaded by user via Timbuk2 on Pinterest
and get a few pictures. Source: adayinnature.com via Julia on Pinterest

The view from the Marin Headlands looks amazingly beautiful at night too!Source: 500px.com via Larry on Pinterest

If possible, I'd like to get a picture in front of the houses always shown in Full House too!
Source: flickr.com via April on Pinterest

It will be also be a welcome change to experience upper 60 degree weather and possible fog in San Francisco!

I'm still looking for foodie suggestions, but so far, I'd love to get a fried green tomato BLT breakfast sandwich at 25 Lusk. Fortunately, it's not far from our hotel!Source: 7x7.com via 7x7Magazine on Pinterest

I'd really appreciate dim sum suggestions! Please send me any must do in SF ideas before Thursday!

If you really knew me....

....you'd know that I am obsessed with taking photos. I think it may be a family trait. My Mom took wonderful pictures of all our milestones, 4th of July cakes, birthday parties, first pony rides, etc. My Dad used to take pictures on an old Nikon and gave me his camera in 7th grade for a photography class. My sisters and I get together and sometimes call ourselves the Asian tourists.

.....you'd know that I love water but I'm not really a strong swimmer. I have an old childhood fear of drowning. I like to sail, paddle board and swim, but I prefer to have flippers or stay close to shore when swimming. I'm not a huge fan on big waves but  I still love going snorkeling in Hawaii. 

....you'd know that I love riding horses. I grew up on my family's farm, falling off my pony, Rainbow, training my horse, Annie, and dreaming of the A circuit while riding Andy. Since moving to Chicago, I haven't had a chance, or made time, to ride in a few years. My cousin, Katy, has a Groupon though for riding lesson though, so I should be able to ride again soon!

.....you'd know that I used to play the violin. I started as a 5 year old and stopped in high school. My paternal grandmother gave me her violin and I took lessons again in college. It's comical when I play now, the cats think I'm doing something terrible!

....you'd know that I played Sandy in Grease  as a senior in high school. Unfortunately, I have not kept up with voice lessons and now I sing a little flat. I guess I need to practice more with Rock Band, or Glee Karaoke! 

.....you'd know that Mr. F and I love coordinating our Halloween costumes. Some of our favorites include, Inspector Closeau and the Pink Panther Gomez and Morticia Addams, and Winnie the Pooh and Piglet! What famous couple should we dress up as next?

....you'd know that I'm a very social person. This is sometimes to my detriment. I often forget to recharge with alone time and want to constantly have plans with lots of people. Fortunately, Mr. F is the exact opposite, so we balance each other out well!

This post was inspired by some of my favorite blogs, Em=Me and Fairy Tales Are True.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

C & R's wedding reception, July 21st, 2012 in Estes Park, CO

There were so many wonderful details at C & R's wedding reception.  One of my favorite things was the birch bark around the vases with Colorado wildflowers! The bride said she got the idea from one of my pins from Pinterest! My mother in law, the mother of the bride and I all wore a similar shade of blue! My sister in law and her fiance looked lovely.Mr. F and I had fun with self pictures!We also had a great time with Mr. F's cousin and her little girl!For the place cards, the bride found a charming photo of every guest too! Ellie really loved her photo! The adorable niece of the groom and flower girl looked like a cute tulle cupcake!  I snuck a quick picture of the bride and groom as they nibbled on appetizers before the speeches started.  The bride definitely calls me "the paparazzi"!Each guest also got a darling air plant as their wedding favor!When the dancing started, I changed into a looser dress!For the first dance, the bride and groom chose "The Way You Look Tonight". There were some amazing dancers at the wedding too! This is one of the bride's cousins! And this is the Maid of Honor's boyfriend breaking it down! Here's the brother of the bride and another cousin of the bride having a blast too!  My sister in law and I found some fun leftovers, at the end of the night.  They were actually cake with sliced almonds covered in chocolate to look like pinecones!After 11pm, the bride and groom left in a white limo and I caught this cute moment! They are currently honeymooning in Glacier National Park! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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