Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our weekend

On Saturday, I got my haircut at the Red 7 Salon! This is my hair beforehand.
This is my cute cut! My wonderful and chill stylist, Laura, gave me several samples to try on my dry, frizzy hair. She suggested  Aveda Smoothing Infusion Style Prep Smoother Bumble and Bumble Grooming CremeBumble and Bumble Curl Creme Bumble and Bumble De-Frizz, and Aveda Smoothing FluidI love the Curl Conscious!
Mr. F and I walked around in the lovely 60 degree weather Saturday afternoon! It was slightly chilly with the wind but wonderful.
We meet my cousin's cousin on the rooftop of the Wit for Happy Hour. It was fun to watch the sunset from the 27th floor!
We walked to Printer's Row to eat dinner at their place. We saw several fun Chicago attractions on our way down State Street.
Who wants to see Paul Simon in May?!
This morning, we woke up to high humidity and it was up to 88 degrees Chicago!!!
 We beat the heat at lunch time at the Goose Island Brewery and Pub.
 I really enjoy the Belgian style ale called, SofieIt has a slight orange peel taste that is simply delicious!

For dinner, we drove to La Grange to visit Mr. F's aunt and uncle. We got to meet their 5 month old German Shepard puppy, Asta!  They also have a cute orange cat named Tigger  and an Australian Shepard named Mac!  Have a great Monday tomorrow!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your hair looks fabulous -- so much volume!

Amy said...

Love love love your cute blog! Just stumbled on it this morning. (Love love love bumble&bumble products too... just started using brilliantine, per my colorist, and it is AMAZING). Happy Monday!

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