Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anthroholic fun and walking around downtown

Today, I went to the event, "An Anthroholic Afternoon at Anthropologie"! Mr. F and I had an enjoyable walk downtown with coffee to Anthropologie this morning. It was a blustery 40 degrees, so I bundled up. I love all the bridges over the Chicago River, and can't help taking so many pictures every time we passed one! 

 We arrived at Anthropologie a little before 11am, so we walked around the block, before the event started.  I met Kim from the Anthroholic blog immediately! She's such a fun host. We had matching nail polish on too! She was wearing a lovely lavender color from Essie and I had a very similar one from China Glaze
There was an adorable display of sweet treats and cake set up for the Anthroholic event!
I met other fun Anthroholic blog followers too! 
Kim from Anthroholic had a rack of her favorite Anthropologie items with cute comments on why she likes them.  I love this skirt and so does Kim. She writes, "It's bold but still sweet."
 Also in attendance was Dea from the dea diaries, I just discovered her blog! This is Dea,Stephanie, Kim from Anthroholic, and me!

After a few hours at Anthropologie, I met Mr. F in Millennium Park.  It's spring time in Chicago! The magnolias and tulips were blooming.  It was a perfect day to take lots of pictures! 


Crafty-Wafty said...

Yeah! What a fun day! Hope you had a good Monday! Thanks for taking the pics! Would be fun to get together sometime again. :) Stephanie

Kim said...

Thanks for the sweet post Emily! It was so great to meet you and I still can't believe our nail polish wasn't the exact same color!

kristin said...

Oh, it looks like such a fun event!

Katherine said...

It looks like you had such a fantastic time! I love all your photos and that nail polish color :)

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