Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our wonderful week!

Okay, there has been a distinct lack of blogging of late due to several things: my new kindle, writing Christmas cards, and celebrating Mr. F's promotion! 

On Monday, we were still in Thanksgiving mode and wanted more turkey. Mr. F picked up turkey drumsticks at Whole Foods and made braised turkey legs in our new vintage cast iron pot from the in-laws.
On Tuesday, I have not excuses, I could have blogged, but I got home late from a co-worker's mother's wake. Luckily, I did not have to see a dead body. 

Wednesday, I had a lovely ladies night with my best Chicago buddy and cousin, Katy! We had tacos at Zocalo! Apparently if you go on Tuesday nights, it's all you can eat tacos for $12. I had a Groupon and it was almost that good of a deal! 

On Thursday, Mr. F was notified of his promotion so we went to graham elliot for dinner. It was a totally new food experience. It's known as Chicago's first "bistronomic" restaurant. We were several 12 courses that were 3-5 bites each. 
One of the first courses was an amuse bouche of savory panna cotta with cucumber, olive oil and a few other favors. 
We also had the wine pairings which ranged from French whites to East Coast beer served in beakers to South American reds and port!One of my favorite courses was the scallop, popover, clam and parsley. 
The dessert was also phenomenal. This is the chocolate with nibs, coconut, deconstructed ice cream with a few other ingredients.

On Friday, my coworkers and I worked on our entry for the office gingerbread house contest. We were given one gingerbread house kit and the only rule is that all ingredients must be edible!So we bought a second kit to make our two story house with a chimney. It's still a work in progress but here's what we had by the end of work Friday! 
My sister asked if the Grinch's house....but really the icing really came out that bright. We'll see what it looks like when it's dry and all the details are added on Monday!

Also on Friday, I got a haircut and cut 4-5 inches off!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

what an AWESOME week! and I LOVE your gingerbread house! :)

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