Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

[“Rudolph” tree Image from Wight's]
Wow, my best friend took me to Wight's Wonderland of Christmas today, what a eye opening experience! I have never seen so many options for Christmas and winter decorating! It's a winter extravaganza filled with assorted ornaments, wreaths, holiday gifts[Image from Wight's]
and trees galore...

One of the main features of the store are the 31 different themed trees all wonderfully decorated and displayed. Each is a masterpiece of festive fantasy. They are eye candy for anyone that enjoys the wintertime!
If you're in, or near, the Seattle area, this store is a must see this holiday season!! According to their website, "Every winter, Wight’s Home and Garden transforms the 3 ½ acre site into a Christmas superstore. The Wonderland of Christmas is a must see holiday destination which has become a seasonal tradition for thousands of families." Fortunately for people not in the Pacific Northwest, the Wight's website has all the themed trees beautifully pictured online!
Here's an example of the "Music to My Eyes" tree!
This is the "Heartland Holiday", or as I affectionately call it, the farm tree!
I was a little overwhelmed by the "Fairy Magic" tree but it was pretty spectacular, to say the least.

Some of my most favorite trees, (it's hard to just pick one) were the "Yule Tides" tree,
which I liked to think of as the 'Mermaid tree'
[Image from Wight's] and the "Christmas Roundup",
or 'Cowboy Tree'
and the "Peacock Fanfare",
[Image from Wight's] which was brilliantly colored and marvelous. [I was tempted to buy a peacock or two, but I figured it might be a little too ostentatious for my tree, and they might scare the cats!] My best friend's favorite themed tree was the "Treasures from the attic",
or the vintage tree. It was filled with her favorite Shiny Brite/Christopher Radko ornaments!
All the thousands of ornaments are all so unique and fun. There is definitely something for everyone here! I was able to hold myself back and only purchase 6 delicate beauties, but I plan to take my husband to Wight's soon. This store is so fantastic, I can see why families make it an annual Christmas tradition. Apparently, the ornament buyers traverse the country for the most special and unique decorations so each year the trees are completely different!
We were there for an hour today and only saw about half the store! I can't wait to go again soon and show my husband the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" tree!

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