Monday, August 29, 2011

For the love of purple teeth...part one

Mr. F and I are looking forward to vacationing in Seattle and Walla Walla next month. We've already started a list of our favorite restaurants and wineries that we'd like to revisit with friends and family.

One of our first stops off the plane will be, "Where Ya At Matt". We've been dreaming of this Creole food truck and drooling in anticipation of tasting their po' boys and beignets again.
     Where Ya At Matt food is one of the things I miss the most about Seattle.

We're also excited to eat cuban sandwiches at Paseo, oysters at Walrus and Carpenter,

taste wines at Portalis, eat thin-crust pizza at Veraci Pizza, have tantalizing garlic eggplant at Sichuan Chinese and maybe even have dim sum at Jade Garden, if we have time.

We cannot wait to visit Woodinville especially:
Efeste. They have has so many wines that we really really enjoy. Surprisingly, we've been able to find the Big Papa and a few others in Chicago!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I wish they'd pour the Emmy, but I doubt it. It's only available to wine club members and has been sold out since the spring.

Pomum has the best interpretative of Spanish wines in Washington State.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Ross Andrew has a neat space between Mark Ryan and Amavi/Pepperbridge, so we love this strip of wineries immensely!

Mark Ryan winery has style, in addition to making delectable wine. The Grey Album cover on the wall and the Indian motorcycle remind you of a cool living room, while the wine speaks for itself.

Even the names of the wines have pizazz. My favorites are the Water Witch and Dead Horse! Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Mr. F's favorite is the Lonely Heart, without a doubt.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest
     It's been a standout since we first tried it a few years ago.

Adams Bench is one of the most beautiful and small wineries in Woodinville. They source from Red Willow, one of the oldest vineyards in Washington.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

If there's time and they're open on Saturday, we'd love to revisit Stevens and go to Grand Reve for the first time.

Tomorrow, I'll post more about what we're excited to revisit in Walla Walla!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am SOO excited for you guys!

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