Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Cooking Themed Weekend

Wow, this weekend I have been in a cooking frenzy without actually cooking. As Mr. F will attest, I'm not very adept in the kitchen...I burn pots and dice veggies very slowly. Although, I really appreciate good food and wine (and cupcakes). Source: via Emily on Pinterest
We started watching Master Chef (Season Two) because a friend suggested it. 
We love that a friend of a friend, Suzy Singh, is on the show. (There are actually four Chicago participants in the top 18 too.) 
We're totally rooting for Suzy, the Spicy Chef!! I loved seeing her her French cooking test, the Trumbling Tart Duo and wish I could taste it. 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

She also made a yummy looking cauliflower curry that I would love to try. 
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Suzy hosts viewing parties of Master Chef in the Near North side. We're super psyched to attend the next one and potentially meet her! 
Also this weekend, I started reading Life, on the line, because suggested it. 
Life, on the Line: A Chef's Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We EatIt's brilliant and intriguing how Chef Grant Achatz's mind works. He is a chef, a scientist, and a visionary. I also enjoy Grant Achatz's writing, which is personal and fast-paced. I love reading about his experiences in the French Laundry kitchen and as an assistant winemaker at La Jota in Napa. After his elBulli experience, Grant experiments with every element of cooking, from texture to presentation, and it's breathtaking.
 I've read half the book in a day and I can't wait to hear more about his Chicago restaurants, Trio and Alinea.

Reading this book makes me want to go to all of the restaurants he's worked at and try all the food that he cooks. Mr. F and I would love to go to Alinea for our birthdays in February. How amazing does this Sassafras cream (mandarin ice) look?

If these pictures made you drool, if you enjoy cooking and presentation, or you enjoy the science behind cooking, I highly suggest reading this book!

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