Thursday, June 14, 2012

g.e.b. and Graham Elliot!

Oh my goodness, we had a wonderful and amazing time at g.e.b tonight!We love watching Master Chef and we really enjoy grahamwich and graham elliot. Graham Elliot's Bistro just opened in the last two weeks. As we walked in, we noticed someone at the kitchen window....Graham Elliot was there!! At first, we took a bunch of non-stealthy blurry photos that are not worth sharing. Later in the night, he walked around to a few of the tables and took pictures with other patrons!! Graham Elliot seems so friendly and nice.

We were lucky to be seated on the back patio. The menus arrived inside a record sleeve, taped to a record.I had the 90s R & B record by Keith Sweat! It was hilarious! 

We shared the calamari and shrimp appetizers for our first course.Cheryl said this was the best calamari she's ever had! It was light and flaky and delicious! I loved the creamy and slightly spicy sauce on the shrimp.

For the main course, Cheryl ordered the risotto and I ordered the cavatelli with sweet peppers and chevre. The cavatelli was our favorite entree.I'm psyched to eat more for lunch tomorrow. 
Mr. F had the chicken, buttermilk and tarragon.The chicken was sous vide, where the meat is cooked in an airtight bag in a water bath for over a long period of time. This was a new technique to me so I thought the texture was really neat and different.

For dessert, we couldn't decide on one, so we ordered two! Of course, we got the beignets with gianduja in the middle. (The awesome waiter, who reminded me of Patrick Swayze, described it as a nutella-esque chocolate!)
We also ordered the poundcake withstrawberries and rhubarb and basil cream. We were so happy and so full. Our waiter was amazing and brought us a second order of beignets! Yay for more leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!!

After dinner, we had a delightful walk home at sunset.When we walked there at 6pm, it was breezy and 80. It was probably in the middle 70s when we walked home around 9pm.

I got an even bigger surprise when I got home, Graham Elliot replied to two of my tweets!!!!!

Cheryl and Graham Elliot

@Fettbot and don't forget our buddy Gino Rocco!

@grahamelliot We had a wonderful time at g.e.b. tonight. The cavatelli was my favorite and we had a phenomenal waiter.

@Fettbot that's great to hear!

I can't wait to go back soon, especially for brunch!

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