Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More favorite burger places!

My co-workers and I ran across Skillet one day when walking in South Lake Union to the nearby Taco del Mar. We were pleasantly surprised by the delicious smells emanating from the bright, shiny, silver Airstream! We had all heard of the gourmet street food but had never experienced it. Since it's only in South Lake Union between 11-2pm on Wednesdays we had to wait 3 more weeks until we could actually taste the amazing gourmet burgers from Skillet. Last week, I had the burger with cambazola, arugula, and bacon jam, on a soft kaiser-like roll with hand cut french fries.

(Sidenote: I had never had cambazola cheese before so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Turns out, it's
a cheese made from cow's milk that is a combination of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola.
It's patented by German company Champignon. In English-speaking countries, cambozola is often marketed as blue brie.)

In addition to burgers, they have other amazing gourmet combinations. One of my co-workers had the "Sammy", a fennel rolled pork sandwich with raspberry aioli and charred onions. We were in gourmet street food heaven. We want to go there every Wednesday, but unfortunately our work schedules don't always allow us! I'll have to go and stalk this "mobile joint" at the Queen Anne Farmer's Markets on Thursday evenings, or at a Mariner's game one night. Fortunately the website and twitter are updated frequently with all the locations!

Red Mill Burgers is another classic burger joint with fabulous food! The burgers are "Flame Broiled 1/4 lb. Fresh Beef Patties" and the chicken is "Flame Broiled, Lemon-Honey Marinated". The Red Mill fries are some of my favorites, only second to Red Robin. I love all the burgers especially with the caramelized red onions or with Walla Walla Sweet Onions when in season. The shakes are yummy too.

Maggie Bluff's is all about location for me. In the summer, there's a charming outside seating area overlooking downtown Seattle and the Elliott Bay Marina, and even inside the view is fantastic. We really enjoy going at Happy Hour because there are $4 drink specials and 50% off on appetizers. I recommend the Elliott Bay (Garlic) French Fries, the Blue Cheese burger and the Seattle Sundae!

The Jolly Roger Taproom has the best mini burgers in town, bar none (that I've tried so far!) It's located at the Maritime Pacific Brewing company in Ballard on NW Leary. I love the treasure map painted on the floor and the pirate flags around the bar. The Lil' Jolly burgers come in threes and with the most amazing sauces made with some of their own beers! There's Jolly Roger Habanero BBQ, Nightwatch Stone-ground Mustard, Smoked Tomato & Dill Aioli, or Chocolate Porter BBQ. Also, the menu recommends which Maritime Pacific beers pair best with each entree! I always get the Lil' Jolly Royals, mini burgers with smoked onions and American cheese.

I'm always excited to try new burger places, so please send me your suggestions!

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