Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our second day in Kodiak with my family

We woke up early on Friday morning for a damp but fun trip to Fort Abercombie State Park.  We put on all of our layers and loaded up in the 15 seater van. (Can you tell that my grandmother, Tootie, did not want her picture taken?) Of course, I took lots of pictures while hiking around the beaches. 
 I love taking pictures with my sisters! Mr. F and I enjoyed the rocky beaches too.The main beach was surrounded by lush, mossy evergreen trees that were strikingly and brilliantly green. My sisters hung on trees and pretended to be monkeys!It was chilly, but we had so much fun we didn't notice. 

We went to the Old Powerhouse for sushi for lunch. This is probably the best restaurant in town!All of our rolls were awesome and the miso soup was a perfect way to warm us up! There was a juvenile Bald Eagle that hung out on the patio, about four feet away from the window, so we took lots of pictures!It liked watching us and even seemed to pose sometimes!I think it was waiting for us to feed it.

After a leisurely lunch, we walked through town with our sisters and their boyfriends. We went by many crab pots and the Star of Kodiak.We stopped at the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center and checked out their life-sized Kodiak Bear sculptures.We were super impressed by the 80 foot grey whale skeleton. I really wanted a stuffed animal from the gift shop, like this sea otter. Katie pretended to be a crab or a frog outside!

We walked past the Crab Fest and saw boats in the harbor.We saw boats called the Emily Rose and the Katie Lynn.We also loved posingnext to the awesome octopus sculpture before going to the Kodiak Island Brewing Co.Tomorrow, I'll post more pictures from our third day in Kodiak, Alaska!

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