Sunday, August 22, 2010

My wine and kitten filled Saturday

Mr. F and I checked out a new urban winery called, 8 Bells, yesterday! As we walked into this small, yet lovely whitewashed room, the first thing I noticed was the Winslow Homer painting. He's one of my dad's favorite artists.The painting is also titled, Eight Bells. We tasted the delectable Chardonnay with fresh shucked oysters, by one of the winery owners, also the herbacious Tempranillo, [label from 8 Bells website] and a selection of spicy reds from the winery's hobby label, Shellback. We picked up our friend, Nichole, in the south end of the city and checked out Full Pull. It's a charming hole-in-the-wall wine store. On Saturday, they were pouring wines from the phenomenal Rotie Cellars. My favorite was the Southern Blend with Grenache, Syrah and Mourverde. Mr. F loved the Northern Blend with Syrah and Viognier. We even saw the infamous wine blogger, Sean Sullivan of Washington Wine Report at Full Pull!! (If you're interested, there's a wonderful review of Rotie wines currently featured on Washington Wine Report.)

Our next stop was the Seattle Animal Shelter to look for a kitten for Nichole. It was like kismet. She spotted this lovely grey, black and white kitten immediately. 
Meet Finn, Nichole's new kitten! He's cute and spunky! Finn played for a few hours straight and then fell asleep me. It was adorable.Today it was raining in the morning so, we ran errands and cleaned house...not as exciting as Saturday! I did edit nearly 100 kitten photos too! Now we're having a Czech language tutor come over for basic language tips. I can't wait!


Phoenix Peacock said...

wine and kittens sounds like a lovely weekend! Glad you enjoyed it

Kristin said...

Kittens and vino...It doesn't get much better than that!

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