Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girl & the Goat!

Mr. F and I went to one of our most anticipated restaurants in Chicago (after Alinea and Charlie Trotter's) on Thursday. Girl and the Goat did not disappoint us!
I've had three weeks of stressful 10-12 hour work days and we decided to take advantage of this lovely restaurant when we saw a random reservation, within normal dinner hours, pop up on Open Table.Mr. F met me at the Blue Line L stop and we walked to the West Loop to Randolph Street. We got there 30 minutes early so we sat at the bar and got fancy cocktails.  I love the goat emblem on the menu and napkin rings! We were seated at a common table next to the kitchen. It was fascinating to watch the chefs, the amazing plating and all of the fast moving servers!We enjoyed watching the wood burning oven too. For an appetizer, we had the goat empanadas.They were stunning to look at but we wished they were a little spicier. 
Our second dish was the escargot ravioli. Mr. F didn't like the graininess of the snails. However, our scallops were delicious and beautifully presented.
Our favorite dish of all was the pig face with a fried egg on top.The meal did not need redeeming but this course blew us away. It was like the most delectable bacon breakfast, followed by a parsnip cheesecake with pears!This was not only stunningly presented but it was phenomenal to eat, too!
If you like trendy restaurants with celebrity chefs, this restaurant is right up your alley. I'm so glad we went and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Chicago!!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

that looks AMAZING! so so so jealous! (also, so so so trying to get back to my blog on the regular! Miss you all!)

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