Saturday, January 14, 2012

My awesome Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was full of fun.The snow was enchanting on my morning walk to meet my car pool buddy!Fortunately the roads were clear and dry too! The plows were supremely efficient, which is so surprising to me, coming from Seattle. 

It was a co-worker's birthday yesterday, so I jumped some snow drifts to get to the bakery across the street from my work! (It must have been entertaining to see me bundled up and holding a huge cake box dodging huge snow piles crossing the street!)We got a passionfruit mousse cake, topped with whipped cream and blueberries. It was delicious and totally worth my morning snow hurdles. 

In the late afternoon, my best Chicago girlfriend, called me at work to ask me to be a bridesmaid! I'm really looking forward to her wedding. Mr. F and I hang out with the newly engaged couple almost every weekend and are so happy for them.

My company holiday party was also last night and the theme was "Hollywood Baby" at Cooper's Hawk Winery in Arlington Heights! My car pool buddy won second place and I won third place in the movie quotes trivia game. I also won one of the raffle prizes! (My prizes ended up being two wine club memberships to Cooper's Hawk winery, so I got to take home two bottles of wine!)There was fun dancing!I had a great time swing dancing with one of the docs.It was also a fantastic way to celebrate being done with the FDA audit at work!

This weekend, we're going to celebrate a friend's 29th birthday with Indian food and more dancing! Mr. F and I went to Lincoln Park for lunch. We went to Burger Bar and had these delectable gourmet burgers. I had the the High Hog, a BBQ pork burger with ham and bacon on top with white cheddar cheese and apple slaw.Mr. F got the Smokehouse burger that has a topping of brisket, white cheddar and country slaw. We both got truffle fries!

After a quick trip to Costco, we came home to this beautiful view!By the way, it's only one month until my birthday!!

Happy Weekend!

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