Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas List (Part Two)

It's a relief to be done with Christmas shopping early this year. The tree is up and the cats are sleeping under it. The majority of the presents are wrapped. It's all coming together, so now I have time to dream more about my Christmas wish list. This is the fantasy list! 

I love Rachel Bilson's dress from the Spike Awards. She's so cute and petite with perfect hair! (Although it makes me laugh that my husband says her eyes are too close together. I don't agree, so it's funny he's trying to butter me up!)
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May I please have her adorable lilac lace dress?
 The ballet-like Maryam Tank from Anthropologie reminds me, a little, of her dress

As I'm thinking of ballet, it reminds me that I'd love to find out more about Barre3, "where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates". Have you tried it? There's now a DVD available, if there's not a Barre3 location near you! Or, if you're like me and embarrassed of showing off your lack of technique and muscle memory...)

NEW! barre3 total body lift workout dvd 
Experience the transformative benefits of barre3 at home or on the road with this 40-Minute Total Body Lift Workout. Drawing from the three disciplines of ballet barre work, yoga, and Pilates, this workout offers fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits. This DVD comes with a FitBALL Mini and in place of a ballet barre, all you need is a sturdy, waist high chair. You may also choose to use light hand held weights. Now you can have a regular barre3 practice at home and while traveling! Consult with your doctor before attempting this or any other exercise program.

Then, there's the Coming & Going skirt from Anthropologie, that is cute to resist! I would love to have it in my closet! I saw it in the store and it's a fun, navy polka dotted skirt! I've been watching it on the sale rack and hoping that it comes down from it's lofty hundred dollar price tag.....

ONLY 12 days until Christmas!!


wishful nals said...

i love rachel bilson's style. also, that anthro skirt has been on my wish list for awhile. pretty sure it's on sale now! maybe it could be yours. :)

Kristin said...

That skirt is right up my alley...LOVE!

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