Monday, March 19, 2012

Pictures from last week

We had a blast at the Founder's Beer Dinner last Wednesday with our Chicago buddies! It was 80 degrees and the All Day IPA was incredibly refreshing. It wasn't too hoppy either! Beau, the representative from Founder's, was charming and entertaining as he guided us through our courses. The first course was a foie gras crepe, citrus duck sausage, with a pan fried quail egg, maple and blueberry, paired with Double Trouble. It was delectable, to say the least.The next course of beer cheddar, parsnip soup with carrots, fennel oil and a crab croquette was my favorite. It was so creamy and delicious that I barely had room for the next two courses.The beer went perfectly with it too. The main dish was over the top! It was an amazing crusted lamb with coffee and hazelnuts. There was bourbon-vanilla bacon, English peas and Boursin gratin, and a black truffle, sweet potato ravioli too!  I didn't get a chance to get a picture of the dessert, but the last beer pairing was pretty awesome.It went extremely well with the grilled pretzel ice cream! Overall, we loved all the beer and can't wait to find it in grocery stores!
On Thursday, it was super humid. There was also threat of thunder and lightning but not rain! I can't believe it but the 80 degree summer-like weather continued throughout the weekend. We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and even braved the crowds in the Loop! This weather is absolutely beautiful and unreal. We even saw inverted skylines in wine glasses this weekend!  After so much sun on Saturday, we chilled out for the rest of weekend. We read on our balcony. I finished the Hunger Games trilogy (in less than a week) and Mr. F almost did.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

It's suppose to be in the 70s and 80s for another week. I've stocked up on sunscreen, but what shall I read next?

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